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EVOLVE 2015 June 18-24
Iasi, Romania

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Multicriteria and Set-Oriented Optimization

Special Track EVOLVE 2015

Vitor Basto Fernandes (Leiria University, Portugal), Iryna Yevseyeva (Newcastle University, UK), and Michael T. M. Emmerich (Leiden University, The Netherlands)

In multiobjective optimization one is interested how to find methods that take into account different performance criteria simultanenously and based on this find well balanced solutions to problems which are likely to be acceptable in practice, or to provide designers or decision analysts with an insight into the trade-offs. Nowadays algorithms using principles of set-oriented numerics and evolutionary computation can explore large search spaces and data repositories and provide the core components of design or decision analytics software. Set-oriented optimization extends the problem definition to the problem of optimally covering sets, not necessarily Pareto fronts but also level sets, complete parameter identification, inverse problems, or sets of local optima in multimodal optimization. In all these algorithms set-metrics and how to achieve a good balance between diversity and convergence is key. Recent developments have seen developments of deterministic and stochastic algorithms. This track will discuss both types of algorithms and we especially encourage work on hybrid approaches that bridge these worlds.


Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Approximating Pareto fronts and efficient sets in many and multiobjective optimization
  • Finding representations of feasible solution sets in constraint satisfaction problems
  • System identification for underdefined systems; diagnostic and inverse problems
  • Diversity-based and multimodal optimization
  • Multicriteria decision making and complexity reduction in decision data
  • Numerical methods for finding optimal sets
  • Evolutionary and Swarm-Based methods for finding optimal sets
  • Portfolio optimization and recommender systems using optimization
  • Performance indicators and performance assessment
  • Real world applications, parallelisation and software issues 

Please submit your contribution before February 1, 2015 (check for updates on website).

Full papers (10-15 pages, Springer AICS style) and extended abstracts (4 pages, Springer AICS Style) are possible forms of contribution. Every accepted paper will be orally presented during the EVOLVE 2015 conference in Iasi and full papers will be published in the Springer AICS series proceedings. Extended abstracts will be published in the short paper proceedings with ISSN/ISBN.  All papers will undergo single blind peer review. Submission EVOLVE2015, EASYCHAIR via the main system and indicate the track in the submission.


For questions please send email to Dr. Michael Emmerich (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , http://moda.liacs.nl).

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