EVOLVE International Conference

EVOLVE 2015 June 18-24
Iasi, Romania

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Computational Game Theory

Organizers: Rodica Ioana Lung and D. Dumitrescu


Standard Game theory offers mathematical tools for modeling strategic/conflicting interactions and proposes equilibria/solution concepts for such situations, with multiple applications in economics, computer science, biology, engineering, etc. Computational Game Theory enhances these concepts by offering practical tools for equilibria detection and simulations and by providing decision makers with functional solutions for these situations. Due to their specific flexibility, adaptability and scalability, artificial intelligence methods have the potential to cope with the complex issues arising in this field.
The aim of the CGT special session is to bring together researchers working in these fields in order to exchange ideas and to promote deeper investigations of game theory and computational intelligence methods.
SS in CGT invites researchers to submit their papers related - but not limited to - the following topics:
·         Equilibrium Concepts and Detection
·         Evolutionary Game Theory
·         Iterated/repeated Games
·         Dynamic Games
·         Evolutionary algorithms for Game Equilibrium Detection
·         Behavioral Game Theory
·         Algorithmic Game Theory
·         Applications of Game Theory
·         Cooperative Games
·         Network Games and Graph-Theoretic Aspects of Social Networks
·         Solving Complex problems by using Game Theory
·         Decentralized equilibrium detection
·         Equilibrium emergence in multi agent systems
·         Strategic interactions


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