EVOLVE International Conference

EVOLVE 2014 July 1-4
Beijing, China

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Genetic Programming

Organizers: Leonardo Trujillo, Edgar Galvan-Lopez and Pierrick Legrand


The field of Genetic Programming (GP) studies the development of evolutionary algorithms that synthesize computer programs to automatically solve a specific computational problem. The flexibility and power of GP is by now evident, with the development of successful applications in a variety of domains, from pure mathematics, to signal processing, engineering and software repair. However, important open questions still need to be addressed to overcome some of the limitations of current GP-based methods, which can only be achieved with a deeper understanding of the fundamental dynamics of a GP search and the development of hybrid techniques that incorporate traditional machine learning paradigms. In this special session we invite research contributions that study both experimental and theoretical aspects of GP, as well as innovative applications.

This special session is intended as a platform for studies on GP. Topics include, but are not limited to:

- Problem difficulty
- Novel representations and operators
- Convergence models
- Bloat
- Hybrid methods
- Fitness landscape analysis
- Real-world applications
- Software Engineering and GP

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